SmartSource Adaptive

Part Number: Adaptive-MTX
$1,697.00 to $1,748.00
For purchases outside of the U.S., please contact one of our international resellers
The SmartSource Adaptive is the only scanner specifically built scan checks and other documents together – that’s all at once, not in separate passes. It works on documents up to full-page 8.5"x14" legal size!

This one-of-a-kind device is ideal for any business, bank, or government agency that needs to capture payments along with associated documents such as invoices, purchase orders, or other records.
Unit Dimensions
Height: 11.3″ (28.8 cm)
Width: 6.4″ (16.2 cm)
Length: 20.2″ (51.3 cm)
Weight: 9.7 lbs. (4.4 kg)

Image Output
Image renditions available: up to (5) bitonal and gray images
Bitonal: 300, 240 or 200 dpi
Grayscale: 300, 240, 200, 150, 120 or 100 dpi (256 shades)

Document Sizes
Height (min./max.): 2.00 to 8.5 inches (5.08 to 21.59 cm)
Length (min./max.): 2.90 to 14.2 inches (7.37 to 36.07 cm)
Paper weight, nominal: 20 lb (75 gr/m2) to 24 lb (90 gr/m2)

Scan Speed
Up to 105 documents per minute (checks only)
Up to 78 documents per minute (A4/letter size)
Up to 65 documents per minute (legal size)